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INFOFIT is North America's School for Fitness Professionals.

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Recent labour statistics predict a 28% shortage of Personal Trainers by 2012, while the Personal Training industry is expected to grow 27% over the next 6 years. You can be part of this exciting career path too with INFOFIT Educators!

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  • A current MMA coach who wants to enhance your skills, make more money, and give your students the ultimate edge?
  • An MMA fighter who wants to live the ultimate MMA lifestyle: train, coach, fight... and make a lot more money?
  • Are you a CFL athlete that wants to evolve into coaching and training?

Demand for INFOFIT graduates is HIGH and it’s going nowhere but up!

Why should you choose INFOFIT?

INFOFIT Educators is North America's School for Fitness Professionals

A leader in exercise education since 1989, INFOFIT Educators provides exam preparation programs for aspiring personal trainers in Vancouver and continuing education courses for certified professionals. The school provides a curriculum that is current, well-researched and scientifically-based. INFOFIT Educators believes that learning is a life-long, ongoing process. Our faculty includes a host of dynamic presenters skilled in teaching you the most cutting-edge topics in Personal Training, Injury Rehabilitation, and Business topics. If you choose INFOFIT, you’re guaranteed to speed up your path toward the BCRPA certification right here in Vancouver.

INFOFIT Educators has been an industry leader for years while providing initial education, certification, and continuing education to health and fitness professionals worldwide.

Other Features and Opportunities

  • Internationally accredited master trainers and teachers
  • Learn from the most successful BCRPA-approved professionals in Vancouver
  • Weekend or weekday seminars and labs
  • Hands-on application of the material you’ve been studying
  • Very practical BCRPA courses in Vancouver
  • The highest quality education & practicum seminars worldwide
  • Accelerated and innovative learning strategies - learn more in less time
  • Learner-friendly coursework makes studying easier
  • Online tutors and study groups - learn faster
  • A flexible and progressive online learning format - study at your own pace

Pass any exam! (BCRPA, ACSM, ACE, NSCA, Can Fit-Pro)

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INFOFIT Educators is an exam preparatory school. We prepare you to pass and even master a variety of National (BCRPA, Can Fit-Pro) and International Exams (ACSM, ACE, NSCA). Our BCRPA courses in Vancouver are second to none!

INFOFIT is accredited by the BCRPA, and the BCRPA Fitness Program approves the content of INFOFIT courses. Becoming a personal trainer in Vancouver has never been easier!

Should you wish to attempt one of the International Certification Exams, you may choose to take your ACSM, ACE or NSCA exam after you’ve completed INFOFIT Educator’s Fitness Theory, Weight Training, and Personal Training Courses.

Our Certification Process Features the Following:

  • Flexibility via INFOFIT's Personalized Program
  • Full-time, part-time, in-class or online learning
  • It’s even available through our fast-track 5 weekends
  • The opportunity to learn everything you need to be a personal trainer in Vancouver

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